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Learn how to create your personal LinkedIn funnels.

Table of contents

  1. Create a sequence
  2. Duplicate sequence
  3. Add actions to sequence

Sequences are your personal LinkedIn funnels. A sequence is a set of automated actions executed with delays to maximize the conversion rates.

Create a sequence

  1. Go to the sequences page and click on the Add sequence.
  2. Leave the first checkbox on the default option (blank) and add a sequence name.
  3. Click on the Save sequence.

Duplicate sequence

  1. Go to sequences page and click on Add sequence.
  2. Choose the Template option.
  3. Select the sequence you want to reuse as a template for duplication.
  4. Click on the Save sequence.

Add actions to sequence

Learn more about individual actions.

  1. Go to sequences page and select a sequence to add actions to.
  2. In the sequence detail add actions for your LinkedIn funnel.
  3. Add multiple actions below or above and create a funnel.

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