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Learn how to use our internal CRM and manage your contacts.

Table of contents

  1. Contacts
  2. Pending invites
  3. Placeholders


In the lead generation world, knowing which is in your or target list is vital. That’s why we have created our contact overview, from where you can see all your contacts and the people you have added via search or google sheets. The best part is that you can easily find the prospect you want or apply different filters to them: image

Additionally, it’s very handy to check which person is in which campaign so you won’t waste time manually checking. image

Another very handy way to use it is that when added multiple searches but you want to add to the same campaign, you can use our multi-select search filter:  image

Then assign prospects to a campaign by simpling clicking the assign to campaign button. Moreover, if you have multiple sequences in the campaign, this a nice way to make A/B testing.

We show all available public information for the prospects, but if you want to customize their palceholder values, you click on the prospect and type the new value: image

Since many clients are interested in collected emails, we have made life easier by applying the email filter. image

Later will be possible to extract these contacts as well so you can assign them to specific email tools.

Pending invites

Having too many pending invites is not best for the SSI score. Trying to check who is still pending on LinkedIn is very painful, we know from experience. That’s we have our amazing overview from where you can easily find the latest prospects. image

Stay hyped because very soon we will have our automatic withdrawn.


From experience, we know that sending wrong data is definitely not a closed deal, so verifying the custom data before running a campaign is very important. That’s why we have our placeholder overview where you can see all the data from existing prospects on the specific account. image

Additionally, sometimes the data from LinkedIn is not always accurate,as a result, many people decide to use their own custom google sheets. If the placeholders field were matched with the existing placeholders we provide, the ones from the sheet would override. This way, you can use the same placeholders over multiple sequences and save tons of time checking which placeholder was for what: image