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Learn how to easily connect and push your prospects data from Icereach to your CRM or marketing platform like HubSpot, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

Table of contents

  1. Create a webhook
  2. Setup webhook on Icereach
  3. Integration with CRMs
    1. Pipedrive integration

You would like to keep up to date with your CRM systems with new prospects while doing your outreach campaigns. That’s where webhooks come to help. Webhooks are used to export each prospect from your profile based on specific events to third-party systems such as Zapier, from which you can connect to your CRM. In the article below we will explain how you can do this.

Create a webhook

Let’s create a new webhook.

  1. Go to Zapier and log into your account
  2. Click on Create zap create zap
  3. Name you zap.
  4. Type “Webhooks with Zapier” in the Choose app & event section and choose an app. webhooks with Zapier
  5. Choose trigger event called “Catch Hook”. You will be given three choices, but you should choose Catch Hook from the list. catch hook
  6. If you have chosen the right application and the right trigger event, you can click on the button Continue.
  7. After you click on Continue, it will lead you to a page called Customize Hook. There you can see a link – click on Copy (it will turn into Copied when it’s done). copy the URL
  8. Click on Continue

Setup webhook on Icereach

  1. Go to Icereach and login
  2. Click on webhooks
  3. Click on Add webhook add webhook

  4. When you click on Add webhook a pop-up screen will appear. Add webhook
  5. Choose the trigger action you want. You should choose the event you want your hook to be triggered (connection request sent, connection request accepted…) choose trigger
  6. Paste the URL you earlier copied from Zapier. paste URL
  7. Click on Save webhook

Integration with CRMs

Now after we have created the webhook let’s return to Zapier and click on the second action.

second action

Pipedrive integration

  1. First, you should choose an application. We recommend Pipedrive. select Pipedrive
  2. Next, choose an Action Event. We recommend you choose Find Person.
  3. Select your Pipedrive account to export the results. Just click on the arrow under the Edit Accounts section to your right. When you choose, simply click on Continue. Connect
  4. Here you select the criteria by which you want to search for people. We recommend you select Name for the first field called Search By:

    1. Choose Name
    2. Choose the details you want to extract (we recommend the ones shown in the photo below)
    3. Set the section Search for an Exact Match on Yes.
    4. Tick the box to Create a new person if it doesn’t exist yet. (Set your criteria for the new person - choose Name again)
    5. Click on Continue customize webhook
  5. Click on Test & Review. You can see if the test was successful, and the test results will be shown to you. click on test
  6. Turn on Zapier and Done editing turn on the zap