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Learn how to use the Inbox resource within Icereach.

Table of contents

  1. Checking your interactions with people
  2. Filters
  3. What actions you can perform via Inbox
    1. Send messages
    2. Send connection request
    3. Visit profile
  4. Preview prospect’s information

Inbox represents an overview of your interactions on LinkedIn in a more user-friendly way. Additionally, it displays the actions performed via the campaign’s flows, the connection requests you have sent, messages, or the profile visits. Moreover, you can also perform different activities for specific prospects. For instance, you can send messages, executes visits to their profiles, or send a connection request.

Go to the Inbox page to view interactions with each prospect. View inbox list

Checking your interactions with people

You can check all your performed actions in your Inbox. For instance, checking the replies, you have gathered. View inbox list


In the Inbox, we provide different filters to provide more flexibility. You can filter on a specific campaign that you are currently having and check the activities performed from the system and also what actions did prospects performed on you: campaignfilter

Another filtering option on the status of the prospects. For example, if they have replied to your messages, accepted your connection request, or you want to look at the things that you haven’t read so far: actionfilter

Finally, if you want to look for a specific prospect, you use our type search and write his name: typesearch

What actions you can perform via Inbox

As we mentioned before, you can perform specific actions on the prospects you have in your network from the Inbox once you have imported them to our system.

Send messages

For example, you can find the person you want and send him a message or reply to his message: reply

Send connection request

Moreover, you can send a connection request by finding the right prospect, you aren’t connected and click on “invite to connect”: connectionrequest

Visit profile

Another effective way to attract people’s attention is to visit their profile. By doing this, the person you visited will see your name in their “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section. This can earn you a free look-back and cause them to view your profile back. It really can be this simple to establish a connection.

Preview prospect’s information

By clicking on the certain prospect name in the inbox you can see all his available information in our system. image

Additionally, all the activities between you and the prospect can be found in the activity logs. image

Moreover, you can also add a special notes for each prospect you want which helps especially if you work with certain team. image

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