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Learn how to keep track of your activity and stats within Icereach .

Table of contents

  1. Account settings overview
  2. Activity overview
  3. Reporting overview

The reporting and activity overview is very important for each client. That’s we tried to create as much transparency as possible. In the article, we will discuss each segment of the dashboard overview.

Account settings overview

In the account settings overview, you can see the limits you have set for your LinekdIn account. Additionally, by clicking manage limits, you can easily move to the settings page from where you can adjust them. image

Below the limits, there is a working overview, which displays the time zone you have set for the LinkedIn account, whether the working account is within the working hours, you have set, and if you want to change them, you follow edit work hours. Probably many of you have experienced problems with syncing LinkedIn data within the certain automation you have used. That’s why we have displayed the last time we synced, so you have concrete transparency on it.

Activity overview

Before creating our product, we were an agency. The key feature which we were missing was activity overview, where we could find from which campaign we have sent specific action and when this happened. As a result, we had made our activity logs which display this data, but also when exactly someone replied to your message, accept your request. Of course, fired webhooks can also be found there. image

Additionally, it shows when a campaign has finished for certain prospects in the campaign. image

All this information is directly displayed on the dashboard, so you won’t bother yourself by figuring out what’s going on.

Reporting overview

Statistics is very crucial for today’s business models. Especially when it comes to sales and marketing. On our reporting page, you can find the different stats for specific actions, such as: sent connection requests, accepted ones, the acceptance rate, and how many pending requests you have. Also, as the number of messages sent, their replied rate, and the number of visits performed by the account. image

You can filter on specific timeframe by selecting the concrete time period: image

If you select a longer time range but also want to see what was done on the specific date, you can hover over the graph and see the desired information. Note: add picture after reseting snipping tool