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Learn how to generate leads using the Campaign resource.

Table of contents

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Campaign View
  3. Split test the campaign

Campaigns are a core resource within Icereach infrastructure. Use it to run your personal LinkedIn sequences on prospects you add using the search resource. The campaign will automatically generate leads, and you can monitor the results.

This tutorial assumes you already connected your LinkedIn account.

Create a campaign

  1. Go to the campaigns page and click on the Add campaign.
  2. Add a campaign name and click Continue Create campaign name
  3. Choose what type of campaign do you want to run. Learn more about search types. Choose campaign type
  4. Find tutorials on how to add different search types: LinkedIn search or Import Google Sheet
  5. If you choose an Add existing search simply select from the list of all searches the one you want to add. Add existing search
  6. Click Continue to proceed to the last step - Campaign Sequence
  7. Choose a sequence you want to add to the campaign or create a new one. Create campaign sequence

Campaign View

  1. Once prospects are successfully added to the campaign, you will be able to see them in the prospects section. In this overview, you can see which step of the campaign he is at, whether the campaign has finished for him, and his degree status(connected or not). image

  2. Inside of the campaign, you can filter on their names, the conversation status or connection one. image

  3. Once you add the proper sequence, you will be able to verify what the message will look like, which means to preview it before it has been sent. You can go to sequence, select a certain action step and click on a preview button. Then next to the automated message will be displayed the message which will be sent to the prospect(replaced values of the placeholders). image

  4. In each campaign, there is a search overview, where you can find all the searches or google sheets you have added to the specific campaign. You can add more or delete existing ones. image

  5. On the campaign report page, you can see a specific overview with total the number sent and replied to for each action image

Additionally, graphical visualization for each action within a certain time period is displayed, making it even more accessible and transparent. image

At the bottom of the report page, there is an activity overview in which each interaction with a certain prospect is displayed. For instance, the connection request was accepted, he replied to your message, or sequences just ended for him. image

  1. At the campaign settings, you can select a certain language for the campaign, which will translate automatic placeholders we have, such as day of the week. image

Moreover, you can specify when exactly you would like to run the campaign by picking the start date. Also, you can set a specific limit to the connection requests.image

Last but not the least, you can always paused the campaign. image

Split test the campaign

For each campaign, you can add multiple sequences. Adding multiple sequences allows you to split prospects between multiple LinkedIn sales funnels to see which one works the best.

  1. Go to the campaigns page and click on a campaign. Campaign a/b test step 1
  2. Click on the Sequence tab. Campaign a/b test step 2
  3. Click on the Add another sequence icon. Campaign a/b test step 3
  4. Choose a sequence you want to add or create a new one. Campaign a/b test step 4
  5. Click on the Save sequence.

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