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Account settings

Table of contents

  1. Company
  2. Timezone
  3. Auto warm-up
  4. Maximum limits
  5. Active times
  6. Inactive days

Within accounts, there are smart in-built features to mimic human behavior, prevent targeting the same people from multiple accounts, contact prospects in the most likely time to reply, and more.

You can access the account’s settings by going to the accounts page.


A company allows you to share things such as campaigns and searches between accounts. It also prevents multiple accounts, belonging to the same company, from targeting the same person through campaigns simultaneously and helps you with the organization of your accounts.


A timezone is used to determine your account’s current time. Your prospects are contacted only during selected active times based on your selected timezone.

Auto warm-up

Steadily increase the number of connections requests and messages sent out daily. Actions sent daily will increase by the set increase rate until it reaches the end limit.

Maximum limits

After successfully using the warm-up set a proper limit range for your connection requests and messages. The system will select at random a number between the lower and the upper bound of the limits.


Keep in mind that LinkedIn has set certain limits on the connection requests to prevent spam, between 100-200 a week. That’s why we don’t recommend setting your limits over 60 a day.


Active times

Set the active hours of your LinkedIn account. Campaign messages will only be sent during an account’s active hours.

Inactive days

Set days, on which your account will not be active. On these days no outreach will happen and your campaigns will start sending once inactive days are over.

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